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Services & Skills

Research Staffing

Finding the right people at the right time to get the job done efficiently and effectively, is an age-old problem faced by many employers today.
The research industry in Africa is no exception. In fact, the part-time and/or seasonal nature of Research Assistants’ job makes it all the more difficult for employers to find and keep the right talent.
The good news is that the nightmare is finally over! Research PLUS has an active pool of intensively trained Research Assistants available for temporary hire. All you have to do is contact us with your needs and we will have the right staff ready for you to brief in no time.
What’s more we are able to regularly provide whatever logistical and managerial support you need throughout the engagement period to ensure that you get value for your money and we also take care of other staffing tasks such as the payroll.
Give us a call… you won’t be disappointed.

Research Counsel

Did you know…?

  • That there are no simple answers to the complex questions facing you and your world?
  • That you can play a vital role in the process of finding the answers by conducting relevant research?
  • That research is not rocket science — anyone with passion, interest & commitment combined with the right amount of guidance and support by a seasoned expert can do it?
On the other hand doing research can be an insurmountable and overwhelming task especially if it is not your core expertise.
What you need is a research expert to act as your advisor, guiding and steering you through every step of the way till project end.
Research PLUS experts can make it happen for you. We provide invaluable research advisory services simply because we can. Drop us an email now and we will subsequently set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Then sit back and let us draft a plan that works for you.

Research Data

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you collect data for your research project and/or enter and tabulate the data?
At Research PLUS we have a specialized field & tab unit for quantitative surveys that is flexible enough to meet your needs. The equivalent of this is our qualitative research unit.
We are able to quickly select a qualified and experienced team from our large database of research assistants in the relevant geographical regions whom we then brief, supervise and manage to collect your data, enter it and analyse it whether quantitative or qualitative. We will be in and out of field and data entry in no time, and send you back clean data files, transcripts or other output as agreed.
Please fill in your brief here and one of our client service representatives will be in touch in the shortest amount of time to discuss how we can help collect and enter data on your behalf.