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Got Questions?

Indeed one of the key services Research PLUS offers is staffing but we specialize in research staff. If you are looking for reliable and qualified staff on a part-time basis to work on your research project then the best place to start and end your search is at Research PLUS.
This is typically offered by a full research agency and although we are not one, we do have research data services under which we have a field and tab unit and the equivalent for qualitative research work. We also have research counsel services where any one of our research experts can help steer you through all or any aspects of your research project. Our approach is very flexible and so we would be happy to hear and discuss your needs more.
YES. You can be employed by Research PLUS whilst still a student so long as you have attained the legal minimum working age and you can demonstrate that you have a sufficient number of free hours in a week that you can dedicate to training and to work assignments.
YES. In order to become a fully Certified Research Assistant, you need to invest in the 2 week programme. However the various modules need not be done all at a go. You may register for them intermittently and depending on the particular aspect of research you are interested in and better suited for. For example do you want to become an enumerator or would you much rather start as a transcriber?
This particular training programme is free however you will need to pay a minimal registration fee. Additionally the terms and conditions require that you sign an exclusive contract with Research PLUS for any part-time research work. This does not mean you cannot or will not work for other companies or organisations; you can and you will. It just means that we will quickly engage in a discussion with them on how they can tap into our pool of research assistants one of whom will be you.
Although you have the option of going directly to any hiring company, you lose out on a plethora of benefits of working with and through Research PLUS. By choosing Research PLUS you get access to more part-time job opportunities in more than one company meaning you get more work, more often hence more pay and YES! More experience! At Research PLUS we also uphold a high level of ethics in our placement of staff – so long as you are well-trained and available for the job, then you get the job, you need not do anything more to secure your place in a project. Additionally even though we send you on assignment to other companies and organisations for their research projects, you get paid by us. This means we negotiate better remuneration and terms for you.
Research PLUS works across Africa. Our head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.
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